APS Eco Textiles by LBI/Boyd

APS Ecocore eco textiles by LBI/Boyd are high-performing acoustical sound control wall panels and protection products. They are all-comprised of polyester fiber, making then superior to the traditional fiberglass acoustical sound control wall panels and protection.

Effective & Environmentally-Friendly Wall Panels & Protection

APS Ecocore is comprised of 100% polyester fiber, and 60% of that is recycled polyester fiber. It is formaldehyde-free, mildew-repellent, dust-free, high-impact, resilient, odor-free, among many other excellent benefits. All Ecocore panel components exceed ASTM E-84 Tunnel Test requirements, which gives the Ecocore panel a class A fire rating.

Custom Wall Panels & Protection

APS Ecocore can be customized with the following edge details:

  • Square
  • Bevel
  • Miter

The panels are available in each edge detail as large as 49″ x 97″ in an array of finishes from Vertical Wall Solutions.

APS Ecocore can be installed using the following methods:

  • Adhesive and finish nails
  • Concealed edge clips
  • Z-clips
  • Hook and loop fastening systems

Each type of installation is expertly performed and provides unsurpassable, long-lasting results.

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