Stacked Wood

Stacked Wood is made of recycled, carefully selected, and pre-finished hardwood that is shaped into panels which are closely stacked to create exceptional architectural panels. Stacked Wood panels come in a variety of finishes, and contribute to a variety of interior styles. Regardless of the finish, these panels are wonderfully easy to install and maintain.

Stacked Wood Architectural Panels for All Interior Styles

Stacked Wood architectural wall panels are produced in styles inspiring designers, architects, and interior design lovers. Integrated Décor Solutions provides the following Stacked Wood collections:

  • Expressive/Naturale
  • Satine Collection
  • Generation Collection
  • Maisie Collection
  • Vintage Collection

Expressive/Naturale Stacked Wood

Expressive/Naturale Stacked Wood.

Our Expressive/Naturale Stacked Wood includes the following finish options: Naturale Oil Finish, Expressive Either Natural, and U.V. Finish. Each panel is 023” 0.43” thick and provides 5 sq ft of coverage.

Satine Collection Stacked Wood

Satine Collection Stacked Wood.

Our Satine Collection Stacked Wood has the U.V. Finish with 10% gloss. Accessories include a baseboard, contour molding, and door and window molding. Each panel is 13.5” x 53.5” with 6 pieces per box. Each box provides 30 sq ft of coverage.

Generation Collection Stacked Wood

Generation Collection Stacked Wood.

Our Generation Collection Stacked Wood panels are each 14” x 44” and each box comes 4 pieces and 17 sq ft of coverage. It has the U.V. Finish with 10% gloss. The Generation Collection has the contour molding accessory.

Maisie Collection Stacked Wood

Maisie Collection Stacked Wood.

Our Maisie Collection Stacked Wood panels are each 14” x 57” and each box comes 4 pieces and 5.5 sq ft of coverage per piece. Each piece includes 3”, 4”, and 7” high planks. Finish options include the U.V. Finish with 10% gloss and the Antiqued option using the 100% Natural Oil finish.

Vintage Collection Stacked Wood

Vintage Collection Stacked Wood.

The Vintage Collection Stacked Wood, our newest option, includes the following style options:

  • Natural
    • 14’ x 44” panels and no finish
  • Beach
    • 14’ x 47” panels and the 100% Natural Oil finish
  • Barn
    • 14’ x 47” panels and the U.V. Varnish finish
  • Andover
    • 14’ x 47” panels and the 100% Natural Oil finish
  • Knoll
    • 18’ x 47” panels and the 100% Natural Oil finish

The vintage collection has antique and rustic appeal. Due to the nature of this particular collection as a unique and organic material, imperfections and variations in wood grain and color may vary from samples provided.

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Integrated Décor Solutions provides Stacked Wood architectural panels. Contact us today to learn more about the Stacked Wood options that we can provide you.

Learn more about our Stacked Wood™ engineered wood decorative paneling from the PDF brochure below.

IDS Stacked Wood

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