ATI Decorative Laminates

ATI decorative laminates are exceptionally gorgeous and available in styles that are fit for many different uses. ATI decorative laminates may be merely decorative for daily use at home, or they may be fit for specialized business use. ATI produces a variety of laminate designs, including the following collections:

  • Infusion
  • Lumisplash
  • MirroFlex
  • NuMetal

ATI Infusion Decorative Laminates

The ATI Fusion collection is fused with your favorite stock or custom imagery. It can be applied to a variety of surfaces, including ceilings, countertops, walls, dividers, and more. Substrates are available in a variety of materials, producing a range of opacity and patterned effects.

ATI Lumisplash Decorative Laminates

The ATI Lumisplash collection is incorporated with LED lighting in an ultra-thin panel. The LED lighting is emitted evenly throughout the laminate. Ideal applications for the Lumisplash include backsplashes, tabletops, signage, ceilings, accent strip lighting, and more.

ATI MirroFlex Decorative Laminates

The ATI MirrorFlex collection provides long-lasting textured decorative laminates. Mirrorflex is often used in a variety of commercial, healthcare, institutional, hospitality, and retail applications. A variety of textures are available in the durable, fire-resistant thermoplastic, meeting the most intensive commercial needs.

ATI NuMetal Decorative Laminates

The NuMetal collection provides HPLs (high-pressure laminates) comprised of a real custom aluminum, copper, or stainless steel metal surface and phenolic paper backing. It is fit for use in both commercial and at-home environments.

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