Bella Laminati

Bella is the Italian word for beautiful. Bella Laminati is among the most beautiful of the decorative collections distributed by Integrated Décor Solutions. It offers an abundant array of colors, patterns, and custom capabilities with low minimums and efficient production times.

Bella Laminati at Integrated Décor Solutions.

Liri Style Laminates from Italy

Bella Laminati has the largest stock of Liri Style Laminates which are made and imported from Italy. These laminates are available in an incredibly wide range of options that fit commercial and personal taste as well as use. The following Bella Laminati collections are available to choose from:

  • Custom Digital Print Laminates
  • Metallic Laminates
  • Reflex and Spark Pearlescent Laminates
  • Solid Color Laminates
  • Texture / Patterns Unique Embossed Finishes
  • Wood Grain Laminates

Request Bella Laminati Samples

Integrated Décor Solutions distributes Bella Laminati decorative laminates throughout the South Central United States. Request free Bella Laminati samples to see just how these decorative laminates may work for you.

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