Ceiling Tiles

Innovative Ceilings Inc.

State-of-the-art lightweight gypsum-based 2′ x 2′ lay-in ceiling tile that exceeds all of the required specifications that the market expects.

  • Innovative Ceilings Atlantis
  • Innovative Ceilings Residential
  • Innovative Ceilings Sikh Temple

ATI MirroFlex Ceiling Tiles

MirroFlex CeilingsMirroFlex Ceilings

Deeply Textured Decorative Ceiling Tiles

ATI ceiling tiles

MirroFlex’s wide variety of ceiling tile styles and sizes can add the dimension, texture, and visual interest you need to enhance the beauty and feel of any room. Strikingly beautiful, deeply textured and durable – these three ingredients are the foundation of every ATI MirroFlex Ceiling Tile.

  • ATI MirroFlex ceiling Rosette
  • ATI MirroFlex ceiling Baltimore
  • ATI MirroFlex ceiling Americana

MirroFlex Decorative Acoustic Ceiling Tiles offer customers the ability to add a decorative component to suspended ceilings with the added benefit of noise absorption.