Sorccia Stone

Sorccia stone white marble
Sorccia Stone is a uniquely versatile engineered marble that consists of all-natural stones. It is available in an ample range of colors and styles. Each Sorccia Stone panel works as an extremely strong, yet lightweight surfacing material.

Stunning and Functional Marble Material

Sorccia Stone is completely made of all-natural stones using cutting-edge patented technology. Many of types of stones quarried from around the world are used in different combinations to create the many available colors and styles of Sorccia Stone.

Strong and Lightweight All-Natural Surfacing Material

Sorccia Stone is engineered to be uniquely durable and lightweight. Each panel is ⅓ to ⅙ the weight of a traditional stone panel of the same dimensions. Sorccia Stone panels are also comparably stronger and longer-lasting, allowing use in many applications. Here is an example of a thin stone project.

Ocean Blue Onyx Bar Our panels are Grout-less, Pre-sealed, Waterproof & only 8mm in thickness.

Sorccia Stone Applications

Sorccia Stone panels are thinly cut and applied to a backing material. Sorccia Stone backings range from honeycomb aluminum backing for use in furniture and countertops to translucent PVB panels which allow backlighting through panel designs.

Sorccia Stone at Integrated Décor.

Yellow Silk Agate Sorccia Stone with backlighting

Sorccia Stone options fit many aesthetic preferences and have a large number of practical applications. Common Sorccia Stone applications include:

  • Bath and shower panels
  • Ceilings
  • Countertops
  • Exterior walls
  • Feature walls
  • Fireplace surrounds
  • Flooring
  • Tables
  • Wainscoting
  • And more

Sorccia Stone at Integrated Décor

Integrated Décor Solutions provides Sorccia Stone products. Contact us today to learn more about the Sorccia Stone options that we can provide you.

Sorccia Shellz Panels at Integrated Décor

Check out the Sorccia Shellz Panels, one of the latest Sorccia Stone collections provided by Integrated Décor Solutions.